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We provide simple and reliable

communication between inmates,

friends and family, rooted in the

power of relationships.

What GettingOut is all About!

GettingOut offers hope through the power to connect and change.

We’re often asked about the meaning and mission of “GettingOut.” GettingOut provides simple and reliable communication between inmates, friends and family, which is rooted in the power of relationships. GettingOut focuses on inmate self-improvement and creates “community” with, and between its customers — bound by trust and hope. Our aim is to be a supportive and friendly conduit for making connections, fortifying relationships and offering content so inmates get out and stay out.

From a friends and family point of view it is our hope that the more contact you have with your incarcerated friend or loved one, the higher the likelihood they will be “GettingOut.” From the inmate’s point of view, we hope they see our suite of products as a window to the outside world — a portal that makes them feel they are beyond the walls and “GettingOut.”  What’s more, we’re hopeful that through positive connections on the outside and exposure to our range of self-improvement content,
they soon will actually be GettingOut and rebuilding their lives.

GettingOut stands for:


GettingOut focuses on a hopeful future where family and friends are reunited, and where once broken lives and relationships are rebuilt and redirected.


GettingOut builds on the power and positivity of relationships and increased communication. GettingOut is the safe, supportive, comfortable
and trusted conduit to help friends and family stay in touch
with inmates during a difficult time.


GettingOut products and offerings are easy-to-use and intuitive. Our product design and messaging is friendly, approachable and transparent, and our customer support team ensures an unmatched customer experience.


GettingOut brings the best in modern communications to friends, family and inmates. In addition, GettingOut aims to offer inmates the widest variety of education and self-improvement content.