New Features

Here are just a few of the great changes coming to GettingOut

Pay As You Go Billing

The new per minute “pay as you go” model means you are billed only for the time you talk.

Per Second Billing

A new feature that bills calls under one minute, by the second.

Capped Fees

Fees for automated deposits are now $3.00, and $5.95 with live operator assistance. *

No Connection Charges

There are no fees associated with connecting a Prepaid or Collect phone call.**

*All third party transaction fees such as MoneyGram, money order and credit card processing fees, will be passed through with no markup from Telmate.

**For Quick Connect calls additional fees, costs, restrictions and limitations may still apply. Quick Connect calls allow call recipients to use an automated system to quickly pay for a phone call on the spot, with a credit card.