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Three Types of Phone Calls


With a prepaid account, you can pay upfront and your loved one or friend can call until the money runs out. You can add more to the account at any time.

1. Inmate Account

Deposit the money into your loved one’s or friend’s account and they have the freedom to spend the money on phone calls or any other communications services available at their facility.

2. Friends & Family Account

With the Friends & Family Account, funds go into your account to pay for communication services such as phone calls, video visits and messaging. Your friend or loved one can only call the phone number you’ve specified.

Quick Connect

An alternative to collect calls. Quick connect allows you to quickly pay for a phone call with your credit card.  Opting to accept a Quick Connect call is simple when your loved one or friend chooses to call you via Quick Connect.

When your loved one or friend calls you, simply follow the instructions from the automated system to pay for that one phone call on the spot. It’s simple, easy, and instant!

Important Note: Additional fees, costs, restrictions and limitations may apply.


Collect calls allow you to instantly accept and pay for calls to your land line phone account. This means that if you “accept” the collect call from your incarcerated loved one or friend, all the charges for that call will then be billed to your land line phone account and will show up and be listed on your next local phone bill.

Important Note: Additional fees, costs, restrictions and limitations may apply.

Please note that different phone companies handle collect calls differently and there may be additional fees, costs, restrictions and limitations regarding collect calls with your carrier. We strongly urge you to contact your local phone company to learn about collect calls before you accept any from your loved one or friend.

Cash transactions for prepaid phone accounts are processed by TouchPay Holdings, LLC dba GTL Financial Services, a Licensed Money Transmitter, and subject to TouchPay’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What Services Are Available At My Facility?

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What is Telmate Verified?

If you are asked to be Telmate Verified it means your facility requires verification of your identity prior to acceptance of inmates' calls. The purpose of verification is to ensure inmates are not connecting with inappropriate people on the outside. The verification process is simple and can be completed before or after creating an account.

To be verified, you can make a deposit, schedule a visit or download and complete the Telmate Verified form.

Did you know…?

Telmate has donated over

3.6 million minutes

to inmates in the last 3 years so they can connect with loved ones during the holiday season.

Here are just a few great features of our phone system

One Touch Call Acceptance

Now you can accept all future communications from an inmate with one touch. To opt in just press 1 when you receive a call from an inmate. This means all future communications will be automatically accepted.

This feature can be turned off at any time.

Voicemails from Inmates

For the first time ever, inmates can leave voicemails for you! As long as you’ve opted in to one touch call acceptance, your friend or loved one can leave you voicemail.

So no matter where you are – work, church, or otherwise unavailable – your inmate can still leave you a message.

Longer Talk Time

Go ahead and talk away, the new maximum call duration has increased dramatically in most facilities.

Billing & Fees

Pay As You Go Billing

The new per minute “pay as you go” model means you are billed only for the time you talk.

Capped Fees

Fees for automated deposits are now $3.00, and $5.95 with live operator assistance. *

No Connection Charges

There are no fees associated with connecting a Prepaid or Collect phone call.**

*All third party transaction fees, such as credit card processing fees, will be passed through with no markup from Telmate.

**For Quick Connect calls additional fees, costs, restrictions and limitations may still apply. Quick Connect calls allow call recipients to use an automated system to quickly pay for a phone call on the spot, with a credit card.