Call Rates

Call Area DescriptionPrepaidCollect
LocalLandline home phone service in Ada County only$0.25 Per Minute$0.50 Per Minute
IntraCellCell phones and internet phones* in Ada County and surrounding area$0.25 Per Minute$0.50 Per Minute
IntraLATACell phones, landlines and internet phones* in areas immediately surrounding Ada County$0.25 Per Minute$0.50 Per Minute
InterLATALandline home phone service, cell phones, and internet phones* outside of Ada County and the surrounding area, but within the state of Idaho.$0.25 Per Minute$0.50 Per Minute
InterstateOutside Idaho, but within the United States$0.21 Per Minute$0.25 Per Minute

*Internet phones include VOIP, GoogleVoice, MagicJack, and other similar services.

Deposit Fees

Prepaid Calls

Live Operator Assisted DepositAutomated Deposit

The above rates and fees do not include applicable government taxes or fees, or third party transaction costs, which will be passed on to the user without markup.

Trust Accounts

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