Image Capture Tool

If your computer has a built in camera, or is correctly connected to a camera, you may be able to use the above software to capture an image of your ID and save it to your computer. If the image is clear, you may be able to use this image as part of your Telmate verified application.

Taking a Photo of your ID

  1. First, ensure that there is adequate lighting in your room or area.
  2. Next, hold your government issued photo ID about three inches in front of your camera
  3. Adjust the position of your photo ID until it is clear in the preview window.
  4. Click Take Picture
  5. If the photo is clear and legible, click Save Picture and save the photo to your computer. The image that is saved should be slightly higher quality than the image onscreen. If you image is not legible, please repeat the steps above.
  6. Return to the Telmate Verify Web form to upload the image that you just captured of your photo ID.