Your Inmate’s Mailing Address Is Changing

All personal mail such as letters, drawings, and pictures to your incarcerated loved one will be digitally delivered to them via the tablet 

The new mailing address will be: 

Facility Name, State
Inmate Name, Inmate Booking #
PO Box 2966 PMB 35803
San Antonio, TX 78299-2966

For example: 

Central County Jail, Florida  
John Smith BN#111113  
PO Box 2966 PMB 35803
San Antonio, TX 78299-2966

IMPORTANT:  Booking #’s are scanned by a machine. If the machine can’t determine the booking #, your mail will NOT be delivered.

The address must…

  • Contain the full facility name and state the facility is located in
  • Include the “BN#” with your inmate’s booking number
  • Be written very clearly, especially the booking #  

This does not include attorney-client privileged mail, packages, or parcels, which should continue to go directly to the facility.