See your loved one, quicker than ever

With our new Visit Now feature, you can video visit when it’s convenient for you – no scheduling needed. Just select the “Visit Now” button and your video visit will begin within minutes!

If your inmate is unavailable when you attempt to Visit Now, you can still schedule a visit for later, but now you’re only charged for visit time you use. For example, if you schedule a 30 minute visit and the visit lasts 15 minutes you will only be charged for the 15 minutes. Plus there are no late or missed visit fees!

Remote video visits are an easy, instant way to connect with your incarcerated friend or loved one. Video visits are like FaceTime or video calls where you use your device to visit with your inmate within their housing unit.

Give it a try! Follow the instructions below.


Your loved one is just a visit away! Video visit from your Android or iOS device. Download the new app today.