How do I cancel a scheduled visit and will I still be charged for it?

  • To cancel a visit, log into your GettingOut account and click on Calendar
  • There you find all current scheduled visits as well as the ability to cancel a visit

Can I pay for extra visits or remote visits with cash?

If you would like to pay for extra visits, be sure to deposit enough funds to cover however many visits you would like to schedule. You can use cash or a credit card at the kiosk. Credit card only when depositing online.

Which account do I deposit into for visiting and messaging features?

Deposit into your Friends & Family Account to send messages and pay for visits.

How do I add money to my account?

  1. Log in to your GettingOut account.
  2. Click on the “Deposit” link on the left-hand side or the My Account tab and then “Deposit.”
  3. Choose the inmate you’d like to receive funds, the payment method and the amount.
  4. You can also set up recurring deposits for your convenience.

Can I deposit money that the inmate can use to call any authorized contact?

Yes. With the Inmate Account, funds go into the inmate’s account to pay for communication services (phone calls, video visits, messaging, etc.) with a list of authorized contacts.

How do I transfer funds to a new phone number?

To transfer funds to a new phone number:

1. Log in to your GettingOut account and select “New Deposit and Account Management System”
2. Click the tab “View My Account” found at the bottom of the page
3. Then click the tab “Transfer Funds” on the left sidebar

*Your new phone number must be verified before funds can be transferred

Will you charge my account without my authorization?

No. If you haven’t set up a recurring deposit, Telmate will not run credit card transactions without your express authorization at the time of a deposit.

Is my credit card information stored in your system?

For your convenience, we automatically save your payment information. For security measure when speaking with a customer service rep you will be required to provide the entire card information.

When will my Trust & Commissary deposit be available to use?

Commissary deposits can take up to 72 hours to post, depending on the facility. Friends & Family and Inmate Account deposits are available immediately.

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